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emma - 1986 vauxhall astra 1196cc - R.I.P. 2003

emma was my pride & joy, my first car bought with my student loan in the easter holidays, 1997.

a princely sum of £1300 got me this:

to be fair she looked a lot tidier when i got her - this was in summer 2003, just before she had to be scrapped:

that was a sad day for me, but the story had some odd twists & turns before she went to the great scrap heap in the sky.

ok - so i bought her in 97 - an immediately got into modifying her (hell, i was 18, what else was i gonna do?)
many hours of work in the halls of residence bathroom (i wasn't popular!) she got colour-coded bumpers & wing mirrors

(you can see the mirrors survived from the piccy above, but the bumpers got swapped later...)

about that time, i joined the leeds university motor club & got involved in scatters etc - she was rather underpowered so she got a K&N filter, but sommat wasn't right - she seemed slower every time i drove her - turned out to be the head gasket... arse

some of the lads from the motor club gave me a hand stripping the head (my first major mechanic job!) we cleaned her up & re-grround the valve seats.

while we were doing this work i left the head in the basement. some local fucker decided to break in & try to steal her - bet he got a shock!!

..anyway - a couple of years later i came into some money & i decided, seeing as she needed a new distributor, to replace her. i bought a 1996 daewoo nexia (katie) - nice car, shame her ECU died 7 days after i bought her... forunately i'd parked emma up in a carpark at the uni where i was working at the time.

one scrapyard distributor later & she was back on the road for 6 months while the katie got fixed (i'll cover that story on a page dedicated to katie)

when katie was well again - i sold emma to my sister, lyn to replace the (worse condition) sierra that she had to get rid of. she ran emma for another year or sountil she & her partner got sick of the spiralling maintenance costs. they bought a newer astra & gave me emma back in return for a cup of tea!!

katie had died again by this point (cam belt) so having emma back was a blessing while i sorted out sarah jane.

emma's head gasket went again in the summer of 2003 (having gone while my sister had it as well!) so i took the hard decision to finally lay her to rest. i bought jenny to replace her

... a great little car - that loved all the abuse i gave her, i do miss her sometimes, and how many cars these days can claim 129000 miles on original engine?


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