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1997 PEUGEOT 306 GLX TD 1.9 - "Jenny"

my new baby:

bigger pics front & back

bought in the summer of 2003, jenny was my answer to replacing emma when she died.

i'd heard very good things about the 306, and the turbodiesel in particular... i haven't been disappointed!

she has all the interior space of the astra/daewoo i was used to, but with phenominally better handling, and some nice equipment touches that suit my driving style well.

i would have missed the simplicity of driving/maintaining emma, but i have now got sarah jane, and she is definitely simpler!!


only problems i have had with jenny so far are:

blatant plug: - *the* site for 306 owners!! cheers guys...


this bit was hosted for the benefit of describing airflow to the intercooler - so probably won't interest most folks...!

she don't look too much like a petrol engine!!

prize to the first person who can spot the turbo...!



intercooler marked with an arrow

pug kindly put a half-ar$ed attempt at an air-scoop into the bonnet moldings to supply air to the intercooler


oh - random fact - i just drove from leeds to hertfordshire (186miles) on 1/4 tank of fuel - yay for derv!



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