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Peugeot 306

fixing someone else's bodge repair:

one of the previous owners of my 306 appears to have managed to damage the driver's door sill, knocking off the original paint.
he/she then simply painted over (badly & in the wrong colour paint!) without using primer.
surprisingly enough, this has eventually flaked off & started to rust.
Ii therefore decided to remove all the crap paint & rust and do the job properly.


here is the sill before i started:
Tool of choice, a 550 watt power drill with a cup sander attachment: (very good - just remember the goggles!)
one shiney patch now that the rust & flaky paint is gone:
looking a bit closer, there was more rust than i though, hidden under the rubbish single layer of paint...
all masked up & ready to go...
first layer of paint in place:
top coat of colour
final layer of lacquer down

I'll keep adding to this as i get time - there are some more details on the preparation of the surface etc

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